Core Values 3 C's

Chaboya Middle School is a community built upon universal rules, which we call the 3 Cs. The 3 Cs represent the core values that a proud Chaboya student should display at all times before, during, and after school, and while at school, home, and in the community.

Core Values
(3 C's)
What it is
Learning Environment
(Library, Gym, Locker rooms, Pods, Online)
Common Areas
(Quad, blacktop, bathrooms, Cafeteria, office)
Chaboya Middle School Logo
  • To be safe
  • To be respectful
  • To be prepared
  • To be friendly
  • To be prepared
  • To be on time to classes
  • To follow rules and directions
  • To believe in yourself
  • To clean up after yourself
  • To follow staff directions
  • To walk and play safely
  • To keep your belonings with you
Chaboya Middle School Logo
  • To be engaged
  • To be a determined learner
  • To be a leader
  • To listen
  • To apologize
  • To meet new people
  • To encourage others
  • To take initiative
  • To enforce the school rules
  • To include others
  • To cooperate with others
  • To get involved
Chaboya Middle School Logo
  • To be positive
  • To be responsible
  • To be thoughtful
  • To be community based
  • To speak out against bullying
  • To make your surroundings better
  • To have a growth mind-set
  • To be aware of your cyber footprint
  • To respond, not react
  • To improve campus
  • To treat others as you want to be treated
  • To be the change