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Dr. Marena DoxieEmail Dr. Marena Doxie

To be announcedEmail Jaime Hammond
Assistant Principal

Spacek, SaraEmail Sara Spacek
Assistant Principal/Leadership

Front Office

Ackard, CathyEmail Cathy Ackard
Attendance Secretary

Grassi, SueEmail Sue Grassi

Najam, MarlaEmail Marla Najam
Health Office Assistant

Bal,KirainEmail Ellen Segal
District Nurse

Teachers - Electives

Gemellos, GeorgeEmail George Gemellos
Chess|Room J7

Bryan, JulieannEmail Evan Jones
Yearbook|Room B1

Jones, Sharon Email Sharon Jones
Drama|Room A5/A6

Khor, IreneEmail Irene Khor
Intro to Computer Science|Room J3

Kolber, Karen Email Karen Kolber
Band/Guitar|Room G4

Meacham, MarieEmail Marie Meacham
Art|Room F2

Spacek, SaraEmail Sara Spacek
Leadership|Room D1/D2

Spence, WendyEmail Wendy Spence

Spanish|Room B5

Steinberg, Susan Email Susan Steinberg
Life Skills|Room F1

Trent, Scott Email Scott Trent
Animal Lore|Room F3

Truong, TamEmail Tam Truong
AVID|Room A4

Teachers - Language Arts

Bryan, JulieannEmail Juliann Bryan
Language Arts 8|Room B1

Fong, CalvinEmail Calvin Fong Language Arts 8|Room D3

Jones, Evan Email Evan Jones
Language Arts 7|Room A2

Jones, Sharon Email Sharon Jones
Language Arts 7|Room A5/A6

Lambert, LauraEmail Laura Lambert
Language Arts 8/ELD|Room E1

Lu, LauraEmail Laura Lu
Language Arts 8/ELD|Room E2

Martinez, TracyEmail Tracy Martinez
Language Arts 7|Room B2

Teachers - Math

Teachers - PE

Teachers - Science

Bawa, NavpreetEmail Navpreet Bawa
Science 8|Room J1

Connolly, Chris Email Chris Connolly
Science 8|Room C2

Dang, MaiEmail Mai Dang
Science 7|Room C3

Saintil, AmandaEmail Amanda Saintil
Science 7|Room C4

Jayakar, SmitaEmail Smita Jayakar
Science 8|Room J1

Khor, Irene Email Irene Khor
Science 8|Room J3

Schafer, LeslieEmail Leslie Schafer
Science 7|Room C5

Trent, Scott Email Trent Scott
Science 8|Room F3

Teachers - Social Studies/History

Bocca, MichaelEmail Michael Bocca
U.S. History 8|Room E3

Fong, CalvinEmail Calvin Fong
U.S. History 8|Room D3

Giovannini, ShelleyEmail Shelley Giovannini
Social Studies 7|Room B6

Haight, TaylorEmail Calvin Fong Social Studies 7|Room J6

Hammond, JaimeEmail Jaime Hammond
AVID/Thrive|Room A3

Marshall, Alan Email Alan Marshall U.S. History 8|Room D6

Rodriquez, Robert Email Robert Rodriquez
U.S. History 8/ELD History|Room B3

Truong, TamEmail Tam Truong
Social Studies 7|Room A4


Fernandes, Beatris Email Beatris Fernandes
Counselor|Room H4

Gholamipour, Fran Email Fran Gholamipour
Speech Pathologist|Room H2

Hyun, Sammi Email Sammi Hyun
MFT Intern|Room C Center Pod

Naveen, AlamEmail Alam Naveen
Psychologist|Room H3

Ness, SarahEmail Sarah Ness

SDC|Room A1

Parks, CherylEmail Cheryl Parks
RSP Language Arts/RSP Math|Room B4

Syu, BrittanyEmail Brittany Syu
Social Worker|Room E Center Pod


Minicelli, TammyEmail Tammy Minicelli
Media Clerk |Room Library


Greves, Steve

Maldanado, Alfredo

Food Services

Rodriquez, Celia

Chaboya Middle School

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