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How Do District Budget Cuts Impact Chaboya?
Posted 03/23/2018 02:30PM
  • General site budget will be cut by 20%.
    1. This translates to cuts in teachers' classroom budgets
    2. Projected reduction is $24,883 from instructional funds
    3. Custodial supplies projected reduction: $2866
    4. Copier Maintenance projected reduction: $2690
  • Additional Specific Cuts:
    1. No more ELD Instructional Aide
    2. No more instructional coach
    3. No part-time evening custodian
    4. Supplemental Tech funds cut ($13634) This money was used to replace projectors, make computer repairs, and replace Chromebooks
    5. No SEAT allocation ($6326); teachers received stipends to do student enrichment activities (i.e. chaperone dances, end of the year field trips, coordinate talent show, multi-cultural fashion show, etc...)
    6. Extra Curricular (Sports fund) cut from $33K to approximately $10K
      • Consequence: As a site consider reducing the number after school sports we provide (Currently, we offer: girls softball, girls basketball for each grade level, cross-country, boys basketball for each grade level, co-ed wrestling, girls volleyball, boys volleyball, girls soccer, boys soccer, and track and field)
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