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Laurelwood's Direct Donation Drive 2017-2018
Posted 08/28/2017 12:13PM


Laurelwood's Direct Donation Drive 2017-2018

We're excited to continue with a Direct Donation Drive again this year at Laurelwood! This approach means that more of your contributions will go directly into the classroom. Our goal this school year is to raise $35,000!

Our theme this year is "Dream BIG"!

The sky's the limit at Laurelwood Elementary! We're committed to providing the best educational experience that we can for our students. We are asking all families to come together and invest as a community to support education and enrichment for our students.

How will donations be spent?

The funds raised through "direct donations" will be used THIS YEAR to help resource programs that are not allotted for in our District budget because of lack of funds / allocation requirements.

Be part of our
DREAM BIG campaign
by donating today!

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