Physical Education

P.E. Expectations

Every student is expected to dress daily in the proper P.E. attire and participate with maximum personal effort.

Medical Excuses

All physical limitations must be authorized by a doctor. Parents may excuse their child from P.E. for three days. After three days, a note is required by the student's physician.


The physical education uniform consists of Chaboya's P.E. clothes or plain black athletic shorts and a plain white t-shirt. Non-suits will not be allowed in the locker room. Athletic shoes are required to be tied.

Uniform Cost

Lock $6.00
Shirt $12.00
Shorts $15.00
PE Gym Bags $5.00
(as package) $35.00
Sweatpants $20.00 (optional)
Sweatshirt $25.00 (optional)

California Physical Fitness Test

The California Physical Fitness Test (PFT) is administered to students in 7th grade. Students in 5th and 9th grades also take this state fitness test.

Chaboya PE Website

We offer a variety of fitness programs throughout each semester. For more information, visit