Middle school elective classes encourage students to pursue interests and passions beyond the core curriculum. They offer rotating elective choices which means students will take one of their class choices the first semester and another class choice the second semester.

Students request their elective choices using an online form  at the end of each school year. A registration link will be sent through email to students and will be available on our school website. While we try our best to fulfill a student's choice, we are unable to guarantee them. Priority is given to eighth grade students first and if there is not enough interest to warrant an elective, that course may be dropped from our master schedule.

2022 - 2023 School Year Electives Enrollment

7th graders

Open Enrollment
Tuesday, April 12 -  Friday,  April 29

If you are currently in 6th grade and will be an incoming 7th grader next school year, please follow the directions on the 7th Grade Electives Request page.

8th graders 

Open Enrollment
Tuesday, May 2nd- Monday, May 9th

If you are currently in 7th grade and will be in 8th grade next school year, please follow the directions on the 8th Grade Electives Request Page


Carino, Ruby

Teacher, PE / Location Gym
Leadership / Room D1 & D2

Espejo, Allison

Teacher, PE / Location Gym and
AVID / Room J5

Gemellos, George

Teacher, Math 7 / Room J7 and
Chess / Room J7 /Athletic Director

Khor, Irene

Teacher, Science 8 / Computer Science
Room J3