Recognition and Achievements

Honor Roll

Congratulations to these 4th - 6th grade students for their Outstanding Academic Achievements. These students maintained a “B” average or above to qualify for the John J. Montgomery Honor Roll. There may be no “Us” or “Ds” marked on the report card for a student to be eligible for Honor Roll. Students who have been on the Honor Roll all three trimesters are eligible for an end of the year reward.

2015 - 2016 Gold Honor Roll
Second Trimester



Jacqueline C
Kevin D
Emmanuel H
Michelle H
Anna L
Tai L
Serena M
Maria N
Tara N
Alexis N
Vincent P
Sara P
Brian P
Paris P
Peter S
Bao-Khang T
Emily T
Lily T
Kimberly Vega R
Mindy T
Justin N
Mary M
Helen H
Cecilia T
Vanessa Sanchez A
Andrew Nguyen P

Ruby C
Mimi N
Emily T
Nally T
Sahaja A
Brandon A
Mikaela C
Solivan H
Nicholas De La T
Suse L
Naythan N
Shania O
Sophia R

Asma A
My N
Ryan N
Emily A
Jordan F
Miriya S
Analaya C
Saida C
Marisa M

2015 - 2016 Silver Honor Roll
Second Trimester


Puneet B
Yani M
Phan N
Dylan U
Brian C
Andre C
McKayla C
Lisa L
Christine M
Karla M
Alexia M
Dylan S
Ruby T
Elvis T
Kaylani T
Laylah V
Coraleena Y
Susett B
Jaime A
Gabriel De L
Mia D
Malia F
Elizabeth M
Dylan N

Phu P
Jason S
Marcus S
Reagan S
Kate C
Raymond N
Cody S

Michael B
Anahi G
Eliana G
Jonathan H
Tam N
Anh P
Joey V
Arman Z
Gabriel W-L
Alfred O
Jared T
Asher C
Sophy PMT
Levi O
Donna YA
Molly A
Allison C
Ellen C
Tien D
Marley F
Ethan H
Darleen K
Aryan K
Tristen Li
Katelyn N
Eric N
Payton P
Kevin S
Clarissa T
Edward M
Jerrod S

2015 - 2016 Principal's Award
Second Trimester


Jezelle B
Jessica C
Juneer C
Andy G
Anthony L
Jarrell M
Amir E
Ricardo P
Sukhwinder S
Steven T
Fatima C
Tony H
Prabhdip K
Mikayla M
Jonathan OH
Kaitlyn T
Nathaniel S
Jacqueline V
Emily RZ

Navneet K
Bethany L
Juliana O
Isaiah A
Thuy H
Loveleen K
Sarah P
Brisa F

Principal's Lunch Bunch

The Lunch Bunch

Make some noise for these students in grades 1 through 6 who were selected by the classroom teacher to enjoy a pizza lunch hosted by our principal. These students demonstrated fantastic effort in class and on the playground this month.

Angel M
Tristan N
Minh V
Moira H
Jesse M
Andrea G
Jerrod S
Sahaja A
Alejandro DS
Sarai R

Nila T
Eliseo L
Rachael V
Deborah R
Crystal M
Zion T
Puneet B
Mikayla M
Tatiana N

Young Authors

Young Authors - Celebrate Your StoryOnce a month students from kindergarten through 6th grade are recognized by their classroom teacher for their fantastic effort in writing. Parents and students are welcome to visit John J. Montgomery’s library and view our display of young authors.

Alicia C
Kaelinh A
Buster A-P
Emily D
Jessica L
Katie N
Melissa N
Brandon U
Jordyn Y
Benjamin V

Jordan N
Jordan F
Marley F
Jiovanni P
Ruby C
Kayla C
Sophia R
James C
Vincent P
James T

Certificate of Recognition

Certificate of Recognition


Michael C

Tri P

Mason B

Chloe D

Sehajpreet K

Kyle T

Aaron R

Jalicia P

Aliyana W

First Grade

Makayla A

Sue N

Christopher O

Jesus V

Marshawn S

Emiliano R

Giselle CJ

oannie D

Tristan N

Second Grade

Isaac A

Richard L

Richard V

Katherine D

Michelle V

Jessica L

Third Grade

Nestor M

Jaylnn M

Jasmine S

Rachel V

Justice M

Andrew H

Jacob N

Jordyn Y

Vina L

Benjamin V

Tevin H

Nathan D

Fourth Grade

Anh P

Huy N

Juliana O

Bethany L

Jevansh S

Emily E

Valentin N

Miriya S

Andy T

Kailani A

Destiny P

Jocelyn R

Ed M

Jerrod S

Allison C

Loveleen K

Harnoor K

Jason N

Fifth Grade

Cody S

Juneer C

Anthony L

Alizijha R

Kimberly A

Kiet An L

Adrian Bou P

Sariha M

Erik M

Jarrell M

Kaylani T

Christine M

Lisa L

Mikaela C

Ruby T

Sikhwinder S

Seth T

Mia D

Jonathan O

Malia F

Connie P

Reagan S

Sixth Grade

Ronald S

Brian P

Bao Khang T

Kevin D

Lily TJ

acqueline C

Anna LS

avannah L

Christian M

Tommy P

Maribell D

Loc H

Lailla P

Carla L

James C

Ricki N

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